Wall and Ceiling construction materials and structural components

Various components can be integrated into the wall materials creating a perfect construction system suitable for ships and buildings

Wall and Ceiling materials

Fermarine. Our Fermarine wall lining system makes it easy and quick to assemble wall surfaces (including ceilings) from assembly-ready components. The material is fireproof, impact-resistant, and sound insulating – read here more.

PML. Pluratec Marine Light is a B15 MED certified (19mm) wall lining material. It is easy to process, suitable for bonding laminates and has good acoustic properties.

Pinta AHC. Our lightest lining material is the Pinta AHC aluminum honeycomb board.

Wall lining construction components

We have developed wall construction system that can be used with all our lining materials. These components are joining and fitting profiles, corner profiles, and service hatches. Wall linings can be integrated with skirting and ceiling profiles, LED-light profiles, and other components.

Our solutions are suitable for shipbuilding as well as construction. Please ask for an offer and see yourself.

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