Fermarine-Wall Lining System

Advanced wall construction method for ships, hotels, and other public or private spaces

The Fermarine wall lining system is a product we have developed and manufactured ourselves for the efficient construction of wall and ceiling surfaces. The Fermarine system is suitable for ships, hotels, offices, and all other spaces where a durable and fireproof surface is desired.

The system has several advantages

  • Quick and easy to install. Prefabricated, dimensionally accurate components enable the wall structure to be completed 50% faster. Smooth installation is made possible by pre-cut sheets and prefabricated components packed in the correct order according to the installation plan.
  • High quality. Impact-resistant, soundproof (33 - 35 dB on both sides in the partition solution), high fire resistance, and low water permeability. Due to its hardness, it has an exceptional screw holding capacity (30 kg without a plug).
  • Lower cost. Material cost 20 - 30% lower and installation cost up to 40 - 50% lower due to reduced working hours needed for the frame- and sheeting-work (compared to aluminum honeycomb wall structure).
  • Bondable with a wide range of materials. The surface is commonly bonded with high-pressure laminate (HPL), but the surface can be coated also with paint, metal sheets, glass, tiling and other common surface materials.

LED lighting solutions and other components can also be integrated into the Fermarine system, ask for a delivery tailored to your project.

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Technical data

  • Material, core: gypsum fibreboard, 1150 kg/m³
  • Material, system components: aluminum (extruded)
  • Thickness, core: 10, 12,5 or 15 mm
  • Weight: 10 mm/11,5 kg/m²; 12,5 mm/14,4 kg/m²
  • Water vapour permeability(EN12086): 0,8 GPa.s. m²/kg
  • Thermal conductivity (EN12664): 0,316 W/mK
  • Brinell hardness (EN1534): 30 N/mm²

Approval: MED (Module B) IMO2010 FTP Code, Annex 1 Part 1, Part 2, Part 5, apply to  "C" - Class divisions